We are a document preparation company, providing you with comprehensive, targeted, and timely information about best repayment programs offered by the US Department of Education. To ensure that all of your document preparation needs are met timely, accurately, and with the best customers service each and every time.

Filing incorrect paperwork can result in losing thousands of dollars. Our team ensures that constant regulatory changes are accounted and updated to our clients. We understand the complexity of the various programs and what needs to be filed to ensure you receive the best program for your student loans. All of our clients are treated with the highest level of respect, professionalism, and confidentiality. When you work with us, you will be kept up-to-date throughout the process, and most importantly, you will have the peace of mind knowing all of our services are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Doc Prep Hub understands how detrimental student loan repayment could be. Which is why we’re here to assist you in preparing the documents you submit to place yourself in one of income-based repayment programs set forth by lawmakers in 2007 and 2010. Doc Prep Hub has a stellar success rate  with comprehensively understanding repayment programs and document preparation requirements of Department of Education. Our document preparation services will get you the best results possible.


Saving you time and money, we alleviate the research & doc prep burden that impacts your life.



What are the penalties for defaulting on a Student Loan Payment?

  • You can suffer from Administrative Wage Garnishments of up to 25% of your salary

  • Your federal income tax return can be withheld to repay the defaulted student loan



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Doc Prep Hub is a private organisation and is not a government entity. Doc Prep Hub is a Document Preparation and Tracking Service and not affiliated with Department Of Education. Our Federal Student Loan Informational session will identify what Federal programs are available for you and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Our service is only for the Preparation & Tracking of your Federal Student Loan Consolidation Documents. We monitor federal programs for any updates and changes that borrowers may qualify for and which might benefit them. Consumers may choose to complete their own consolidation documents based on the federal programs and are not obligated to use a third party resource such as Doc Prep Hub. Doc Prep Hub does not facilitate the negotiation of a debt, the settlement of a debt or the altering of a debt it's services are only for the assistance and completion of federal student loan program documents. Doc Prep Hub will not pay your student loans for you or on your behalf. *Results May Vary and are Solely Based on The Federal Consolidation Program You Choose.